About the project

“Career Assistance&Spirit of Enterprise(CASE)” partnership involves 9 organizations from 8 European countries (ES, RO, AT, FR, PT, LT, TR & IT).

CASE project wants to contribute to the increasing of educational and professional mobility in Europe and worldwide, supporting unemployed people by means of key factors such as awareness about their abilities, knowledge about the labor market and the development of entrepreneurial mindset.

The project aims are to develop a European collaborative environment, to prepare young adults (18-29 years old) for the professional world, according to their personal skills and aspirations.

Main objective is career counselling and orientation of youth to facilitate transition from school, inadequate employment and unemployment to employment consistent with their expectations and skills.

Target group will include young adults of both sexes,with special guidance,career counselling and entrepreneurship needs,selected with equal opportunity compliance.In the current European context,an economic crisis, getting a job is a great win.



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