The CASE main activities are:

  • Project launching
  • Development of implementation plan
  • Selection of target group
  • Logo Contest: winning logo will be used on all informative and dissemination project materials.
  • Application of questionnaire on  young adults’career training needs. It’s based on the common questionnaire applied to all partner organizations.
  • Thematic activities
  • Accomplishment of digital portfolios production. Individual digital portfolios of presentation, called “This is me – know me in the virtual world” , uploaded in the Online Portfolio Environment, with links to multimedia work samples and video links of reference. 
  • Participation in project meetings. 
  • Employers awareness campaign. It will be realize a  campaign called “Give them a chance!” for employers’ sensitizing to recruit personnel amongst disadvantaged groups (inexperienced young people, migrants, Roma, special needs). Portfolio of activity includes materials used, recordings, photographs, media articles. 
  • Meeting employers,educational institutions,entrepreneurs. 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of project activities and results. 
  • Dissemination activities. the portfolio of dissemination includes: agenda, materials used, recordings, photographs, list of participants. There will be presented project results, impact and experience gained.

The principal results of the project are:

  • E-learning platform, composed by the following sections: Project Website, Digital Portfolio, Young Enterpriser’s Blog,Tips and Tricks.
  • Career Counseling Guide. The  DVD”Career Counseling  Guide” includes a audiobook format, materials ,films, photos.


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