Bala Halk Eğitim Merkezi

We are a Public Education Center in Bala, a town with 23. 505 inhabitants. Although it’s 67 km SE of Ankara, area is very socio-economically disadvantageous. 90%of the population is engaged in agriculture. There are 7 high schools(general, technical and industrial vocational)in our district. From the approximately 300 students graduating, 30% continue in higher education. Only 13% of the remaining young people employ in agriculture. 57% become unemployed . In addition, if we add the number of young unemployed from the previous years, youth unemployment rate is approaching 90%. Many of these unemployed young people, not finding a solution, move to Ankara city centre or immigrate to look for a job. This leads to a decrease in district’s efficiency and economic power. Thus, local researches indicate the greatest shortcomings of this district is employment. Youth unemployment is a problem throughout the country, reaching 17% in 2012.
Bala Public Education Center provides vocational education in many fields. Every year, approximately 1896 adults are given vocational trainings by our center. We organize activities in cooperation with Bala Municipality. There are 45 staff including teachers, administrators and practical trainees.
Our center wants to develop employment areas for these young people and also provide marketing areas. For this reason, we want to use our county potential regional wealth(gypsum, gooseberry farming, etc. ). Our centre provides adult education and entrepreneurship training, which has helped many people doing similar work before. Thus our Public Education Centre wants to share its experience and knowledge within this partnership.
We aim at giving young unemployed individuals a chance, give opportunities to succeed, change lives, change position from consumer to producer, thus create productive individuals and incur employment areas.
Through this project, we want to create marketing and entrepreneurship opportunities with European dimension for young people. We want to direct our efforts towards entrepreneurship, meeting young adults’ career choices, and the option for self-employment in Turkey is very high -82%.
In our previous project we created a Virtual Company and did studies for SEN children. Now we want to increase young people’s entrepreneurship skills further more.

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