The main project objective is career counselling and orientation of young adults to facilitate transition from school,inadequate employment,and unemployment to employment consistent with their expectations&skills

1.specific objectives:

  • to develop young people’s skills of job identification,personal marketing and well-advised employment correlating aspirations,skills&job requirements to increase self-esteem,employability&effective career management
  • to improve young people’s ICT skills to flexibly use HR recruitment social media applications in the context of increasing educational&professional mobility in Europe& globally,for active European citizenship
  • to develop young people’s entrepreneurial skills&promotion of business culture,stimulating entrepreneurship spirit&profitable business initiation
  • to provide young adults with pathways to improve knowledge&competences,assisting them in career decisions,equipping for further education,entering&moving in the labour market,contributing to their employability&adaptability
  • to increase best practices exchange among young people&professionals in adults’training in different countries

2.According to expert studies in the field,60% of students don’t know what career they want to pursue.The same studies show more than half of young employees aren’t satisfied with the job chosen.
Latest European Commission Reports show that 1 in 5 people under 25 can’t find a job.Unemployment rate among young people is over 20%–double the rate for all age groups combined and nearly 3 times the rate for over-25s.
In this context the topics will be:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Job search techniques
  • Personal marketing strategies-classic&modern
  • Recruitment through social media
  • The hiring interview
  • Career choice&reorientation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Lifelong learning

3.After project’s approval,we’ll:form the project team,choose target group,plan activities,implement plan,monitor,evaluate,disseminate.As to achieve objectives,each partner will organize thematic activities,participate at project reunions and collaborate with the partners in achieving project plan.There’ll be:personal development workshops,activities to accomplish a digital portfolio&familiarize with social media recruiters,simulations,meetings with entrepreneurs.Some specialists will give advice,alternatives,answers to young people’s questions&needs.Interactive methods will be used:group work,brainstorming,role play,active modeling,workshops,simulation&efficient use of end products

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