Adamastor – Associação Cultural

Adamastor is a “factory” of dynamic ideas aiming to study and promote active European citizenship issues such as cultural exchanges and solidarity activities at local, regional and European level. Our association operates in these fields:Culture, through studies, research&readings on cooperation and development themes, European integration&international relations;Training, support and promotion, along with other national and international organizations&associations, mobility projects and internships; Tutoring, constantly updating information on possibilities of studying and working abroad.
Adamastor has an operating staff divided into three operational areas:Management of European Projects, Youth and Cultural Activities, Youth hosting in mobility projects, Area Management and Communication. We integrated European projects like Erasmus, Youth in Action Programme, EVS, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.
Through youth projects participation, they become more aware of their role in Europe. Also, their contact with foreign participants raises curiosity to explore youth active citizenship&questions of Europe. Viseu was considered to be the best city to live in Portugal. Despite this, unemployment rate is increasing constantly, our region faces 18%, while national rate is 16.3%. It’s worse for young adults. Portugal’s youth unemployment-38.3% is above European average-23.4%. Youth unemployment has been much more sensitive to the economic downturn than adult one. Most heavily hit was lower education youth. To avoid/delay unemployment they engaged in education completion.
For this, we are convinced our work with young people is very important, Adamastor wants to raise awareness in our young population about their options, European citizenship and social participation. In the European Year of active citizenship, Adamastor is developing special trainings, activities of social, cultural and professional integration with them. It’s extremely important that our youngsters are aware of their possibilities in our country and abroad, that they can rely on us for help to find ways to improve their skills and chances of employment. An option we encourage is self-employment, favoured by 49% of them. Thus, our activities support youngsters’ entrepreneurial skills development&study continuation as means of socio-professional integration.

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