How to impress your employer 

Once the job interview is out of the way, new hires must quickly prepare for their next challenge: the first days on the job.  Here are some tips for making a positive, lasting impression with your new employer. Make some questions. Before your first day, make a list of possible questions not only concerning your responsibilities, but also […]


Smile! Remember to speak clearly, and try to convey enthusiasm and energy through your tone of voice. Smiling helps. It reveals self-confidence. Smile as much as possible during the conversation. You’ll see that you actually sound very different when you talk through a smile. Make Eye Contact! During the interview, make sure you make eye […]

Dress for Success 

Everyone should dress up for every interview (jacket and tie or a suit for men, conservative business suit for women, no flashy jewelry and don’t exaggerate with your perfume or cologne!) Pay attention to grooming and personal hygiene (hair, nails, breath, etc.) Certainly, lots of places are “Business Casual” these days. There are interviewers who […]

Keep on going even if you fail! 

You must be aware that the way to a successful career has ups and downs. That is why you must not forget your main goal and confide in yourself. Try to make small steps in your way to success. After each right or wrong step that you made, make yourself some time to analyze the […]

Fit the job for your skills 

Many people search for jobs, then try to see how they can tweak the way they present their own skills and experiences to fit the job description. Instead, try something different. Change your approach, start from the bottom up. Make a list of all of your skills, determine which kinds of businesses and industries need […]

Find the right career for you! 

  Career searching is like dating. Finding an opportunity that turns into a career you love can take time and effort. If your search has been ongoing for a while, it’s very tempting to give up and settle to a handy career. It’s true that most of us need to work in order to live. […]

Be well-informed! 

  We all know that we are living in an information era, in a world where only those who own the information are on top. Learn every day something new about your field of interest, you may never know when you need such information. Know what job you’re going for. If you are want to […]